Health Care

What's important 

A different approach, different results

I am committed to protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable health care. My number one agenda for Virginians will be to expand Medicaid for the Commonwealth. This will impact approximately 400,000 Virginians by securing their health care and allow them to seek treatment, avoid emergency visits, and afford other essentials.

Medicaid has been shown to grow the economy, fuel the creation of new jobs in health care and social assistance. States with Medicaid expansion have experienced higher job growth in the health care sector than states that have not expanded their Medicaid programs. Because Virginia legislator's did not historically support Medicaid expansion, each year billions of dollars in our federal taxes leave Virginia to support expanded Medicaid programs in other states. I believe that Virginians should benefit as well.

Cuts to Medicaid will reduce valuable services in our hospitals. We also need to expand rural health clinics, adding programs for addiction and prevention and give incentives to good doctors to work in our underserved communities.

I will fight to protect these rights as your state house delegate.

  • Medicaid expansion for Virginians
  • Universal healthcare nation wide
  • Expand rural health clinics
  • Incentives to good doctor and health professionals for rural practices