First we improve our education programs for critical thinking, problem solving, and the new technical industries that will need our students, and then, we have to attract the companies that will provide the tech jobs that our students are prepared for. If we have the workforce, the companies will find us. But, let's give tax incentives to regional manufacturers and other businesses that will commit to long-term local employment, rather than supporting corporations that offshore jobs.

Why not give regulatory relief to community banks, support for credit unions and other financial institutions?  With an eye to tomorrow's industries, we could give investment and tax credits for community wind energy, solar gardens and other renewable energy that would also provide revenue to our local communities.

Job Creation/economic development

  • A work force that is able to work in the tech sector
  • Foster small business start up and growth
  • Tax incentives for companies that will commit to long-term local employment
  • Investment tax credits for green energy industries
  • Regulatory relief for community banks

What's important

A different approach, different results